Freshmint Records Wallet

$--.-- USD


address to send to:

How to create the wallet:

1. Click ‘Create wallet’

2. Click ‘Show mnemonic’ and copy down on paper the 12 words that appear.

How to load the wallet:

1. Enter the 12 word mnemonic key into the bottom input.

2. Click 'Load mnemonic'

How to check the balance of the wallet:

1. Once the wallet has been created or loaded, click 'Get balance'.

2. The current balance will appear on the screen.

How to send payments to a different address:

1. Enter in address and US dollar amount.

2. Click 'Send bitcoin'

3. You might have to account for the 1 cent transaction fee that is placed, meaning you may have to send a cent or two less from the total balance.